Triple Falls (2016)

It has been a very long time since the last update! Abby is doing well and is still a great friend to have around.

Here are a few pictures taken at Triple Falls in the Columbia Gorge on a hike with Abby and my friend Al.

Abby at Triple Falls

Abby at Triple Falls

Triple Falls

Triple Falls

Triple Falls
Triple Falls


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Silver Falls

We took a road trip to Silver Falls. The area is beautiful but dogs are not allowed on most of the main trails (narrow trails, sheer drop-offs, etc). There is still a nice dog permitted walk from the lodge up to the Upper North Falls.

South Falls

Upper North Falls


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Government Island

Michael’s birthday was celebrated by taking the boat out to Government Island in the Columbia River. Abby loves to run in the beach sand. She isn’t afraid of the water but is not fond of going any deeper than her belly!

Government Island and Columbia River

Going for the stick!

Got it!

Too much weight up front!

Jet ski in our boat's wake.


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Isn't she cute?

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Abby Goes Camping

It turns out that in addition to being a good little boat dog, Abby is also a camper! I wasn’t sure how she would handle sleeping in a tent and remaining calm when the racoons make their nightly visit to the camp. Well, it turns out that she slept through the racoons (not such a good watch dog). Here are some pictures of Abby at the Stillaguamish River in northern Washington.

Michael and Abby

Abby and Al

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Dakota Dog Park

Abby often goes to Dakota Dog Park in Vancouver, WA. If you live in the area I encourage you to join DOGPAW (Dog Owners Group for Park Access in WA).

Zoe, on the left, is also from Gerry Thuresson's kennel.

Abby and Zoe

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Visiting Al

Abby loves to go to Al’s house. As soon as I open the car door she charges across the front lawn and crashes through the door (Al opens the door a crack before we get there)! Once inside, Abby will first find Al then go to her toy corner and grab either squirrel or cow.

Abby also loves Al’s backyard. She plays catch with “snakey,” runs laps, and visits the next door dog (through a crack in the fence)!

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Hike to Triple Falls

On Thursday Abby, Al and I took a hike to Triple Falls in the Oneonta Gorge. At places Al would stop and I would go 100-150 yards up the trail and then Abby could run, lesh-free, between Al and me. Above the falls Abby also had some time to play in the water. Abby had a great time!